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Selection of Mechanical Seal for Heavy Oil Pump
Jan 06, 2017

A) The design of the metal bellows rotating structure, rotating bellows mechanical seal with self-cleaning centrifugal effect, which can reduce the bellows peripheral deposition and internal coking.

B) For friction pair materials, "hard-to-hard" structure is recommended. Tungsten carbide is selected for tungsten carbide (YG6-YG6) and tungsten carbide for silicon carbide. Use "hard to hard" structure, we must pay attention to the following questions:

1) cooling system to protect, to prohibit cooling water interruption, to prevent the end of the increase, the lubrication film flashing and reduce the seal end of the lubrication, increased wear; 2) mechanical seal in the installation process, you can seal the end of the coating a little clean silicone oil. To prevent the pump from. (3) The use of clean external washing is one of the more effective methods to solve the accumulation of solvent particles, but this method is a waste of a large, and a variety of pump medium, temperature, pressure ( The general requirements of the flushing fluid pressure than the media side pressure 0.07 ~ 0.12MPa) and different, the structure of the external flushing system is more complicated, coupled with the washing facilities investment and maintenance costs, and sometimes cause more harm than good, especially some SME. Therefore, many enterprises of the oil seal system abandoned, or not set up the system, for these circumstances, the proposed use of isolation media with multi-sealed structure, such as slurry pump, back to the oil refinery, the use of double mechanical seal, Isolated media (clean oil, etc.) is filled between the two seal faces.