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Balanced And Unbalanced Mechanical Seals
Oct 12, 2018

Balanced and unbalanced mechanical seals

The pressure that can cause the medium to act on the sealing end face to be removed is balanced, and the unloadable one is unbalanced. According to the degree of unloading, the former is divided into partial balanced mechanical seals (also called partial unloading) and overbalanced mechanical seals (also called all unloading).

The force acting on the end face of the balanced seal (pic 1) varies little with the increase of the medium pressure, so it is suitable for high pressure sealing; the unbalanced seal (pic 2) is the force applied to the sealing end face with the medium pressure. The change is large and therefore only applies to low pressure seals. The balanced mechanical seal can reduce the friction and wear on the end face,thus reduce the friction heat, and has a large bearing capacity. However, the structure is complicated, and it is generally required to process the step on the shaft or the sleeve, and the cost is high. The unbalanced seal has a simple structure and acts extensively when the medium pressure is less than 0.7 MPa.