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Built-in Mechanical Seal And External Mechanical Seals
Oct 18, 2018

The mechanical seal that the spring and the rotary ring are installed in the sealed box which is in contact with the medium is a built-in mechanical seal (pic a); the seal that the spring and the rotary ring are installed outside the sealed box which is not in contact with the medium is an external installed mechanical seal ( b). The built-in mechanical seal can be sealed by the medium pressure in the sealed box, and the mechanically sealed components are all in the fluid medium. The force of the sealing end face and the cooling and lubrication are good, which is a common structural type.

Most of the parts of the external mechanical seal are not in contact with the medium and are exposed outside the equipment for easy observation and maintenance. However, since the medium force of the external structure is opposite to the elastic force direction of the elastic member, when the medium pressure fluctuates and the spring compensation amount is not large, the seal ring may be unstable or even leaked. External mechanical seals are only used in applications with strong corrosion, high viscosity and easy to crystallize media, and low media pressure.

In all,most popular mechanical seals we use is built-in mechanical seals.