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Comparison Of Mechanical Seal And Packing Seal
Jun 01, 2018

Mechanical seal advantage:

1. Mechanical seal is reliable, it will rarely leak,tThe leak is about 1% of the soft seasoning seal, it’s clean, no dead ends, and it can prevent the contamination of bacteria;

2. Mechanical seal service life is long, and the mechanical seal with the correct choice of friction and specific pressure can be used for 2-5 years,longest time can be up to 9 years. Generally up to 1-2 years or longer in oil and water mediums, and more than half a year in chemical media.

3 .Long maintenance cycle, in the case of normal work, no maintenance

4. The shaft or sleeve is not subject to wear;

5. Less frictional power loss, generally 10-50% of the packing seal

6.The accuracy and smoothness of the mechanical seal on the shaft is not as stringent as the packing requirements. It is not sensitive to the pendulum of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the housing hole, and it is less sensitive to the vibration of the shaft;

7. Widely used, can be used for sealing at low temperature, high temperature, high vacuum, high pressure, various rotating speeds and corrosive, abrasive, flammable, explosive and toxic media;

8. For many "zero-leakage" requirements for advanced factories, packing can not meet this requirement, packing comes with a wide range of adaptability and greater randomness, but in the factory, frequent replacement or maintenance will cause great losses to the production;

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Mechanical seal Disadvantages:

1. More complex, high processing requirements;

2. Installation and replacement are bothersome and require workers to have a certain level of technology

3. It is difficult to deal with occasional accidents

4. High one-time investment