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Customer Visit In Light Snow Day
Nov 23, 2018

Yesterday is “light snow” day according to chinese solar term,which means winter is becoming colder and colder, some parts in China already snow heavily, still our city Zhangjiagang didn’t snow yet.


One Malaysian customer came yesterday for a negotiation of long-term cooperation on mechanical pump seal products. He visited our factory and warehouse,roughly knowing our normal mechanical seal production procedure,seemed to be quite satisfied with our company. While he seems to be more concerned about our development ability because he takes along some mechanical seal sample which is of special material and design,of which hes quite worried if we can make it accordingly. We showed all the similar mechanical seal we used to produce and confidently keep all the seal sample for quotation and future order. Because Asinoseal is not focused on cheap items competition, we are focused more on customized design mechanical seals, raise your questions and let us give you the answer!

 Customer visit

This is absolutely a good start before a constant cooperation relationship, we warmly welcome all new customer to visit us before placing order.Only in this way,you could know why we are trust-worthy and reliable mechanical seal manufacturer. We dare to take this challenge to face your inspection. Welcome to Asinoseal !

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