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Happy Dragon Boat Festival
Jun 15, 2018

Dragon Boat Festival Comes! All asinoseal workers will be off work for the next 3 days to celebrate this holiday and to get together with our family.Holiday starts from 16th June 2018 to 18th June 2018 ,Still all of your emails will be taken good care once we are back from holiday.Welcome to join us in this holiday~~~


Though it’s just 3 days holiday, we still make great efforts in packing and shipping all ready mechanical seal orders to our customers before our holiday,here’s a short view of all packages, those are just part of the left items to be picked up by DHL only...Swift delivery is what Asinoseal strives for !

Mechanical seal shipping.jpg


Give me your trust on us, we'll let you see what is good service from a reliable mechanical seal manufacturer in China!Lastly, Happy Dragon Boat Festival to All~~