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Failure Cause And Failure Analysis Of Mechanical Seal
Jan 06, 2017

First, the mechanical seal failure in the performance of the parts

1, sealing the end of the fault: wear, thermal cracking, deformation, damage (especially non-metallic sealing end).

2, spring failure: relaxation, fracture and corrosion.

3, auxiliary seal failure: assembly of the fault block, cracks, bumps, curling and twisting; non-assembly of the fault deformation, hardening, cracking and deterioration.

Mechanical seal failure in the performance of vibration, heat, wear, and ultimately to the form of media leakage.

Second, the mechanical seal vibration, heat analysis and treatment

1, static and dynamic ring side and rough.

2, the gap between the static ring and seal chamber is too small, due to vibration caused by the collision. Treatment: increase the seal cavity diameter or reduce the outer diameter of rotating parts, at least guarantee 0.75mm gap.

3, sealing section corrosion resistance and poor temperature performance, friction pairs are not properly matched. Treatment: change the static and dynamic ring material, so that temperature, corrosion resistance.

4, lack of cooling or re-installation of cross-section with particulate impurities. Treatment: increase the cooling fluid pipe diameter or increase the hydraulic pressure.