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Flushing Methods For Pump Mechanical Seals
Jun 12, 2018

First, there are many types of flushing cooling for mechanical seals of pumps. Common flushing cooling methods include:

1. Self-rinsing: the flushing medium is introduced from the outlet end of the pump into the sealed chamber through the connecting pipe.

2. Back flushing:The flushing medium is pumped back from the inlet end of the pump to the sealed chamber through the nozzle.

3. Through flushing: the combination of self-rinsing and backwashing is called penetration washing.

4, outside flushing is the pressure of the external system of medium into the sealed cavity, change the flushing medium and the sealed cavity in the same medium, or on the process of production without affecting the medium.

In addition to the above-mentioned several flushing cooling methods, a flushing cooling method that is often used is a partial circulating flushing cooling. This type of flushing method uses a pump impeller to circulate the medium in the sealed chamber to remove the frictional heat at the end surface. This method is suitable when the pressure difference between the pump inlet and outlet is small.

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The above flushing method uses the pressure difference to make the medium flow to achieve flushing and cooling purposes. The specific method used depends on the pressure, temperature, etc. If the general single-stage centrifugal pump, the pressure in the sealed chamber is less than the pump outlet pressure and greater than the inlet pressure, self-flushing or backwashing cooling can be used. When the seal cavity is cooled with self-rinsing. When the pressure in the seal chamber is close to the inlet and outlet pressures, cross-flush cooling can be used. When the temperature of the sealing medium is high, external flush cooling can be used.