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Gardenia Blossoms, Graduation Season Comes!
Jun 10, 2018

Gardenia blossoms, graduation season comes!

Here comes the season of graduation .We are quiet in updating news so that those high school graduates will also be quiet and calmful when they are doing the examination. At the moment, many students are facing the crossroads to choose their major. How to choose?

With the friction of Sino-U.S. trade, China increasingly needs outstanding scientific research personnels who stand at the forefront of knowledge and technology to stick high-tech labels for our Made-in-China products. As a worker in mechanical seal manufacturing filed, our mechanical seal industry urgently needs more senior researchers to inject fresh blood into the industry. For example, dry gas seals and split mechaical seals are not yet completely mature, we hope this field will be more mature shortly under the efforts of a new generation of researchers! Our company also urgently needs more skilled personnel to join us!The spirit of innovation is the premise of the Chinese dream. We will continue to work hard on the road with this spirit to reach the goal of zero-leakage!

mechanical seal.jpg

Maybe you can find a chance here!

Finally,May you harvest whatever beautifual things you deserve in this season---- To all hardworking students and hardworking asinoseal colleagues!