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High Precision Of Pump Seal Assembly
Oct 18, 2017

The water pump seal has what characteristic, below to introduce in detail.

1) Good sealing performance, water pump seal leakage of a muscle of 0.01~5ml/h, according to the special requirements, after the special design, the water pump seal leakage is only 0.01ml/h, or even smaller, Pump Seal while the packing seal leaks for the 3~80/h (according to me for the relevant provisions, When the shaft diameter is less than 50mm or equal to 3ml/h, when the shaft diameter is greater than the 50mm, Pump Seal it is less than or equal to 5ml/h.

(2) long service life, the general use of more than 8000h.

(3) The friction power is small, only the packing seal $number.

(4) The shaft and the sleeve and seals this does not have the relative movement, Pump Seal will not produce the friction, the same with the sleeve use period is long.

(5) Pump sealing surface perpendicular to the pump axis, pump shaft vibration when the seal at any time to produce displacement, so the vibration in a certain range, still can maintain good sealing performance.

(6) Water pump seals rely on the pressure of sealing fluid and the role of spring force, maintain static, dynamic ring sealing surface, and rely on the spring force to compensate for wear, Pump Seal so once the deployment is appropriate, the pump in operation generally do not need regular adjustment, easy to use, maintenance work small.

(7) A wide range of operating conditions can be used for high-temperature, low-temperature, high-pressure, high speed and strong corrosion conditions.

(8) Trouble shooting and parts replacement is inconvenient, Pump Seal can only be repaired after parking.

(9) Complex structure, high assembly accuracy, assembly and installation of a certain technical requirements.

(10) High manufacturing price.