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How To Assemble Cartridge Mechanical Seal
Sep 14, 2018

The cartridge type mechanical seal is a combination of all components of the mechanical seal such as rotary face ring, stationary seat ring, spring, second seal ,sleeve and gland.It can be assembled and disassembled when needed. According to relevant statistics, the installation failure rate of ordinary component mechanical seals is much higher than that of cartridge mechanical seals. Therefore, the use of the cartridge mechanical seal structure can greatly reduce the occurrence of mechanical seal failure. Since the cartridge type mechanical seal does not require any adjustment of the mechanical seal by the installer (such as springs, sealing surfaces, etc.), it is only necessary to tighten the bolts, thereby greatly improving the reliability of the mechanical seal installation.

Cartridge mechanical seals have the following advantages:

1, ready-to-install components include rotating components, bushings and glands;

2, the installation is simple, less installation error;

3, the gland of the gland bolt is suitable for most stuffing boxes;

4, easy to replace the packing or bearing seal;

5, easy to remove, easy to carry out off-site renovation;

6, easy to install in some places that are not easy to install!

Mechanical seal assembly.jpg

Assembly method of cartridge type mechanical seal

(1) Assembly of mechanical seal gland and metal bellow seal.

The gland and bellows are connected with 6-12 bolts with a gasket to prevent media leakage.

(2) Hard ring positioning

First fix the fixing ring on the sleeve positioning counterbore, then put the gland and bellows assembly into the fixed ring, put the hard ring, the wedge ring and the rotating seat ring to determine the position of the rotating seat ring. After that, slightly tighten the ring set screw, the ring and the hard ring are screwed, and take out the retaining ring, gland, and bellows assembly.

(3) Face correction

When the rotating seat ring and the hard ring are attached to the bushing, the perpendicularity of the end faces must be maintained. Generally, the end face runout is less than 0.05mm. On the assembly platform, after tightening the set screws on the rotating seat ring, use the dial indicator to correct the side, and tighten the screws connecting the rotating seat ring and the hard ring to ensure the vertical of the end face. degree.

(4) Adjustment of compression amount

The compression of the cartridge bellows mechanical seal is reflected in the thickness of the positioning block. However, some special users have different compressions, which can be adjusted by other methods. If you  need to know how to adjust them. Please contact the ASENOSEAL team!

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