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How To Select Mechanical Seal
Aug 24, 2018

Selection method

There are mechanical seals resistant to high temperatures, low temperature mechanical seals, high pressure resistant, corrosion resistant mechanical seals, mechanical seals resistant to particulate media, and mechanical seals for hydrocarbon media that are easily vaporized. According to the operating conditions and the nature of the mediawe choose mechanical seals for different structures and materials


The main parameters of the selection: sealed chamber pressure (Mpa), fluid temperature (°C), working speed (m / s), fluid characteristics and effective space to install the seal.


mechanical seal selection.jpg

The basic principles of mechanical seal selection:

1. According to the pressure of the sealed cavity, it is determined that the sealing structure adopts balance or non-equilibrium, single-end or double-end, etc.;

2. According to the working speed, it is determined to adopt spiral or static type, fluid dynamic pressure type or non-contact type;

3. Determine the friction pair and auxiliary sealing material according to the temperature and fluid properties, and

4. Select lubrication, flushing, heat preservation, cooling and other mechanical seal cycle protection systems;

6. According to the effective space for installing the mechanical seal, determine whether to use multiple springs or single springs or wave springs, built-in or external.


If you have question about how to select ,you can consult asinoseal team.