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Mass Production Of Metal Bellow Seal In Asinoseal
Jul 10, 2018

Welded metal bellows is a new type of mechanical seal that has developed rapidly in the past 30 years. With the development of the production capacity and technical level of China's petrochemical industry, the requirements for shaft seals have become more stringent, and the use parameters has become higher and higher. Simple component seal is not able to solve those problems,but welded metal bellow seal can work on it,like for medium with a temperature of -200℃ to -40 ℃ or temperature above 200℃ , in high-temperature and high-pressure medium, under conditions of variable working conditions and easy evacuation, it could run well no matter the welded metal bellow seal is used in pump, reactor or high-speed centrifugal compressor seal.

Metal bellow seal.jpg

Since Asinoseal is focused on the high-end products of the mechanical seal industry, so metal bellow seals have become the core product in our company. Our metal bellow seal welding process,which inherits the experience from leading mechanical seal company, continues to be improved in practice. With the maturing of the welding process, we have expanded the selection of wave plate material to AM350, HAST.C, INCONEL 718 and so on. Because the bellows are generally used in the more demanding environment, once the leakage happens, they need to be replaced as soon as possible, so for commonly used metal bellow seal models we keep huge spare parts inventory,hence delivery time is shortened from 30 days to only 7-15 days, which greatly solve the urgent needs of our customers and also greatly help us to expand the market.

Now, our annual sales of metal bellow seal reaches more than 4000sets per year,the figure is still increasing year by year.