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Mechanical Seal With Pumping Ring Design
Aug 20, 2018

 When the spiral groove is arranged on the shaft, and the corresponding inner cavity of the mechanical seal sleeve is a smooth surface, the shaft rotates at a certain rotation speed, and the liquid on the side of the sleeve is pumped, which is called a pump effect, similar to a miniature screw pump. This effect is achieved whether the spiral groove is placed on the shaft or on the sleeve cavity. The pumping pressure is depent on not only the shaft rotating speed, the size of the gap between the shaft and the bushing ,also the characteristics of the medium and the characteristics of the helix,.The direction of the pump is related to the direction of the helix and the steering of the shaft. This structure itself can be used as a non-contact dynamic seal. This structure is often used in shaft seals of steam turbines, also known as spiral seal structures.

 Mechanical seal factory.jpg

The function of the pumping ring is to pump the buffer liquid in the mechanical seal chamber, the isolation liquid or the self-flushing fluid in the pump chamber to the pipeline structure, which is an important power for circulation in the sealing system pipeline


Asinoseal is not only experienced in pumping ring,we are also able to produce the unique barrier pumping design,which is bi-directional,integral pumping design that delivers high volumes of barrier fluid to the inboard and outboard mechanical seal faces.Here below you can see the pictures.