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Precautions On Maintenance Of Mechanical Seals
Jan 06, 2017

1, mechanical seal cleaning and inspection

1) Check the surface of the ring there are scratches, cracks and other defects, these defects can cause serious leakage of mechanical seals. Conditional special tools can be used to check the sealing surface is flat, sealing surface is not flat, the pressure of water will enter the mechanical seal after the static and dynamic ring sealing surface, the static and dynamic ring separation, mechanical seal failure. If necessary, the tool can be assembled before the assembly of water pressure test.

2) The working principle of the mechanical seal mechanical seal without any internal impurities. Before assembling the mechanical seal, thoroughly clean the moving ring, static ring, sleeve and other parts.

3) Check whether there is a ring seal ring affect the seal defects. Such as static and dynamic ring seat ring ring with the dynamic and static ring with the existence of defects.

4) Check the mechanical seal compensation spring is damaged and deformation, stubborn coefficient is changed.

5) Check the sealing sleeve whether there is burr, groove marks and other defects.

6) with the pumping mechanism of the mechanical seal also check the spiral pump spiral line whether there are cracks, broken and other defects.

7) Sweep Check all sealing apron for cracks, porosity and other defects, measuring whether the apron diameter in the tolerance range.