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Seal Structure Of Piston And Piston Ring
Jan 06, 2017

The piston ring and the piston cooperate to complete the function of preventing the gas in the cylinder from venting, controlling the oil uptake and heat transfer to the cylinder wall. Of course, the absolute seal is not possible, as long as the leakage does not exceed 0.5% of the inhaled squid, oil consumption does not exceed 1% of the fuel consumption over the same period, it can be considered effective sealing.

Most car engine pistons with 2-3 ring and an oil ring, a small amount of large-bore engine has 3 ring and P% oil ring. The role of the oil ring is in the piston down the excess oil from the cylinder wall scraping down to reduce the channeling oil, gas ring is the main role of sealing gas, but installed in the oil ring above the one or two air ring Third and second air rings) also require a certain degree of scraping oil to enhance the control of oil up channeling.