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Summer Really Comes
Jun 21, 2018

Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of a year.The summer in the northern hemisphere really comes and then it will get hotter and hotter, accompanied by high temperatures & rain.Are you ready with it? May you enjoy this hot summer with cool mood~~~

Cartridge mechanical seals.jpg

This summer is bound to be a busy time for Asinoseal team.European Customers will soon be about to leave for their summer holiday and are busy preparing orders before leaving.Here below are the cartridge mechanical seal orders from one European customer :mechanical seal replacement for Chesterton single cartridge seal 155 and replacement for Chesterton double cartridge seal 255.It’s not same as original seals but it can replace original one as a whole.,Do you also want to find mechanical seal products with superior quality to replace original mechanical seals ? Come to Asinoseal!Let’s work together to design and make mechanical seals with your own brand~~