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The Conventional Size Of The Washer
Jul 05, 2017

The role of the gasket - Increases the support area of the joint to reduce the pressure at the contact and avoid the surface of the joint when the nut is tightened.

A gasket is a part of the pad between the connector and the nut. Generally flat metal ring, used to protect the surface of the connector is not subject to nuts to scratch, Seals disperse the nut on the pressure of the connected parts. Washers are divided into spherical washers, tapered washers, I-beam with inclined washers and so on. Rubber gasket material is usually NBR (nitrile rubber), SBR (SBR), HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile rubber), EPDM (EPDM), SILICONE (silica gel), VITON (fluorine plastic), CR ( Neoprene), FFKM (perfluorinated rubber) and so on. Seals Combination sealing gasket for threaded pipe fittings and plug seal, it is generally used with the card-type pipe joints, used to block the mouth, mainly for hydraulic valve pipe fittings threaded connection of the end of the static seal, applicable to the United Kingdom, the United States standards Inch thread and the French, German standard metric threaded connection of the end of the static seal.

Regular size of gasket:

1) Ordinary type

WW-16, WW-16, WW-18, WW-20, WW-20, WW-20, WW- 30, WW-32, WW-38, WW-40, WW-46, WW-50, WW-53, WW-60.

2) bearing type

BWW-6202, BWW-6203, BWW-6302, BWW-6303, BWW-6203, BWW-6203, BWW-6203, BWW-6203, BWW- BWW-6307, BWW-636, BWW-6311, BWW-6312, BWW-6313, BWW-636,