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The Gasket Has The Characteristics Of High Pressure Resistance
Sep 12, 2017

Although the gasket is humble, but it is a vital role, many types of gaskets, different sizes, different materials, play a different role.

Gaskets are usually made of various shapes of thin pieces, used to reduce friction, to prevent leakage, isolation, to prevent loose or dispersed pressure. Seals Many materials and structures have such components, for the implementation of various similar effects. The support surface of the fastener such as a bolt is not large due to the material and the process limitation of the threaded fastener, Seals so that the surface of the member to be joined is protected by the compressive stress of the pressure receiving surface. In order to prevent loosening of the connection loops, the use of anti-loose spring washers and multi-toothed locking washers, Seals round nut stop washers and saddles, corrugations and conical elastic washers. In general, flat washers are mainly used to reduce the pressure, when some parts tighten the axial force is very large, easy to make the gasket into a dish, then you can use the material and improve the hardness to solve. In general can be divided into spring washers, tooth elastic gasket two.

There are two types of gaskets. One is to increase the sealing, to prevent oil spills; the second is used to adjust the gap between components. The use of paper pad parts can not be arbitrarily increase or decrease, Seals such as the diesel pump between the side of the pad is used to adjust the fuel time, the gasket thickness of 0.1 mm, the gasket for each 0.1 mm, flywheel oil supply angle corresponding Change 1.7 degrees.

Washers with high pressure and high temperature characteristics, Seals generally applicable to the engine cylinder pad, when used in the first time to remove the dust and dirt above, pay attention to the side of its copper flanging to the side of the cylinder head to prevent the installation Anti-leak.