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The Gasket Increases The Sealing Property
Aug 09, 2017

Washers are divided into: flat washers-C, large washers-A and C-class, large washers-C stage, small washers-A grade, flat washers-A grade, flat washers - chamfered-A grade, Strength washers, spherical washers, tapered washers, I-beam oblique washers, channel inclined behers, standard spring washers, light spring washers, heavy spring washers, internal gear lock washers, serrated lock washers, Outer gear lock washers, Seals outer serrated lock washers, single ear stop washers, double ear stop washers, outer tongue stop washers, round nuts with stop washers.

Flat washers are generally used in the connector is a soft, one is hard and more brittle, and its main role is to increase the contact area, decentralized pressure, Seals to prevent the texture of the soft crushed. The spring ring of the basic role of the spring is re-nut tightened to the nut after a force to increase the friction between the nut and bolt! Material for the 65Mn (spring steel), heat treatment hardness HRC44 ~ 51HRC, the surface oxidation.

The spring (I) (spring) washer, the retainer is a flexible mat or a card lock washer A washer that prevents the bolt from loosening. The working principle of the lock washers is very simple. Seals It consists of two gaskets. The outside is with a radial convex surface, and the inside of the oblique surface. When the assembly, the inner side of the oblique tooth between the opposite, the outer radial convex surface and the two ends of the contact surface into the state, when the connector by vibration, Seals and make the bolt loosening trend, only to allow two gasket inside the oblique tooth surface relative Dislocation, resulting in lifting tension, so as to achieve 100% lock.

Spring washers are widely used in the bearing and non-bearing structures of general mechanical products. They are characterized by low cost and easy installation. They are suitable for frequent parts of assembly and disassembly. Washers are easy to optimize the selection of automatic selection, Seals but the spring washers loose ability is very low! Especially in Europe and the United States require high reliability products in the adoption rate is very low, especially the important bearing structure of the connection site has long been abandoned. Our country has some applications in the military sector, but has improved to stainless steel.

A wide range of gaskets, the thickness of the thickness of different, different materials, the role of the different. Now Xiaobian will be the use of several commonly used gasket and installation notes introduced to everyone.

Copper asbestos pad: copper asbestos pad with high pressure, Seals high temperature characteristics, the engine cylinder pad are using it. Copper skin asbestos pad before the first use of the net to remove the surface of the dirt or dust, pay attention to the side of its copper flanging to the side of the cylinder head to prevent the installation of anti-leakage. Copper skin asbestos pad in the preservation and installation do not hard fold, Seals should remain intact and adequate flexibility. If found to be damaged or used for a long time inelastic should be replaced.

Paper pad: There are two uses for it. One is to increase the sealing to prevent oil spills; the second is used to adjust the gap between components. The use of paper pad parts can not be arbitrarily increase or decrease, such as the diesel pump between the side of the pad is used to adjust the fuel time, the gasket thickness of 0.1 mm, the gasket for each 0.1 mm, flywheel oil supply angle corresponding Change 1.7 degrees. Seals The axial clearance between the crankshaft and the crankshaft is also achieved by adjusting the pad between the side cap and the body of the flywheel end. If the damage should be timely replacement, to prevent the occurrence of oil spills.

Flat pad: its role is through the flat pad of the nut pressure evenly distributed in the compression parts, while protecting the bolt thread and the surface of the connector. The general thin metal shell is fixed with metal flat pad.

Aluminum flat pad: aluminum flat pad with a certain toughness, the general diesel, oil pipe connections can be used. Aluminum flat pad in the installation should be checked before the plane is a dent or crack, otherwise it will produce leakage into the oil spill, not only cause fuel waste, the impact of the engine power, but also due to insufficient supply of oil caused by burning tile Such as the occurrence of failure.

Copper flat mat: copper flat mat material is generally copper material, mostly used in the larger parts of the pressure, such as the nozzle of the gasket.

Cork mats: cork mats have a certain toughness, generally used for water tanks, engine oil pan and body between. Softwood mat soft texture, good sealing performance, slow down the parts of the vibration, collision and wear. Seals The weakness is crispy and fragile. In the production of cork mat should pay attention to the first drilling after the material, so easy to damage. The surface of the debris will be scraped and the butter on both sides of the cork pad will be added to increase its sealing performance. When tightening the bolts, tighten the fixing bolts evenly in diagonal order

Spring pad: spring pad for the connection of bolts, to prevent the bolt and nuts due to shock and loose. In particular, it is difficult to see or not easy to operate the part of the bolt should be used spring pad.

Asbestos pad: Asbestos pad with high temperature characteristics, so the use of its parts are high temperature parts, such as exhaust pipe and cylinder head between these parts can not be replaced by other gaskets.

Rubber pad: rubber pad made of two kinds of raw materials, one is sealed air parts made of non-oil-resistant raw materials, gaskets, such as air filter shell used on the gasket; another seal oil components with oil-resistant materials Made of gaskets, such as diesel oil filter at both ends of the pad. Use should be noted that the oil-resistant pad can replace non-oil-resistant pads, Seals rather than oil-resistant pad can not replace the use of oil-resistant pads. Long-term use of rubber pads, if found to lose their elasticity should be replaced in time to avoid bringing parts of the wear and tear.