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The Pump Seal Is Widely Replaced By A Gland Soft Packing Seal
Oct 30, 2017

The pump seal is the type of shaft seal that is common to rotating machinery. Pump seal is mainly used for gas, liquid and other types of media seals, such as pumps, reactors, etc .; also used for gas seals, such as compressor media shaft seal.

The pump seal has been widely replaced by a gland soft seal due to its low leakage and no routine maintenance.

The pump seal generally has two sealing planes perpendicular to the axis of the axis of rotation and therefore also referred to as "radial end seal". One of the sealing members is mounted on the pump cover, Pump Seal the end cap or the pump body remains stationary; the other is fixed on the shaft and rotates. Pump Seal Quietly called a static ring assembly (also known as a floating ring assembly in a stationary pump seal), which is called a movable ring (rotary ring) assembly. In order to keep the leakage in a very small range, the grinding flatness tolerance of the conventional pump seal rotary ring and the stationary ring end face is generally 0.0006.

In order to keep the heat and wear of the two faces due to friction within the allowable range, there must be a layer of fluid lubricant between the sealing surfaces. For single-ended seals, usually sealed media as a lubricant, but for toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive, strong corrosive medium used double-ended or series pump seal, Pump Seal and the media can be dissolved solution as lubrication and cooling liquid.

In order to compensate for wear and manufacturing errors, there should be a sealing surface in the elastic element and the medium pressure under the dual role, can be a certain amount of movement along the axial; at the same time in order to adapt to the rotation caused by the angular deviation of the parts, there should be a sealed end Can be slightly floating in the radial direction. Pump Seal Usually by a sealing surface both of these two functions.

For the seal of the rotary shaft, the pump seal is the most common type of seal. Pump seals are usually sealed with liquids, such as centrifugal pumps; also used for gas seals, such as compressors and agitators. In this textbook, we mainly introduce the pump relative to the pump of liquid medium pump pump seal.

Water pump seals have been widely replaced by packing seals due to their low leakage and no routine maintenance.

The pump seal generally has two sealing surfaces perpendicular to the rotary axis and may therefore be referred to as a "radial end seal". Pump Seal One of the sealing surfaces is mounted on a fixed pump bracket or pump body and is called a "static ring": the other is mounted on a rotating shaft and coaxially rotates to a "movable ring". In order to keep the leakage of the medium within the permissible range, Pump Seal the two opposing moving surfaces must maintain a small clearance, usually less than 0.001 mm, and should also have an auxiliary system to cool and lubricate the end face of the pump seal.