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The Purpose Of The Pump Seal
Jun 21, 2017

We must pay attention to the pump when the pump seal and pump assembly, these steps if there is a problem, or the pump is not overhauled, or can cause the pump can not work! Pump seal is the most effective way to turn the mechanical seal First, the accuracy of its own processing is relatively high, especially the dynamic and static ring, if the disassembly method is not appropriate or improper use, assembled after the pump seal not only failed to seal the purpose, but also damage the assembly of the sealing element.

1, pump seal when unloading precautions

2, pump seal installation precautions

1) Before installation, please carefully check the assembly of the number of parts is sufficient, the components are damaged, especially the dynamic and static ring for bruises, Pump Seal cracks and deformation defects. If there is a problem, repair or replace the new spare parts.

2) Check whether the chamfering of the sleeve or gland is appropriate and must be trimmed if it does not meet the requirements.

3) The pump seals the components and their associated assembly surfaces, which must be cleaned with acetone or anhydrous alcohol before installation. The installation process should be kept clean, especially moving, static ring and auxiliary sealing elements should be no impurities, dust. Moving, static ring surface coated with a layer of clean oil or turbine oil.

4) The upper cover should be made after the coupling is correct. Bolts should be tightened evenly to prevent the gland section skew, with a stopper or special tools to check the points, Pump Seal the error is not greater than 0.05 mm.

5) check the gland and shaft or sleeve outside the diameter of the gap (and concentricity), must ensure that even around, with the feeler check the tolerance of not more than 0.10 mm.

6) spring compression should be carried out according to regulations, do not allow too large or too small phenomenon, the required error of ± 2.00 mm, Pump Seal over the General Assembly to increase the cross-section pressure, accelerated section wear. Too small will cause less than the pressure can not play a sealed role, spring loaded in the spring seat to move flexible. With a single spring to pay attention to the spring of the rotation, Pump Seal the spring should be the rotation of the axis of the opposite direction of rotation.