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The Washer Plays A Fixed Role
May 15, 2017

The part of the pad between the connector and the nut. Generally flat metal ring, used to protect the surface of the connector is not subject to nuts to scratch, disperse the nut on the pressure of the connected parts.

The role of the gasket - Increases the support area of the joint to reduce the pressure at the contact and avoid the surface Seals of the joint when the nut is tightened.

Wave Type Washer is divided into WG type WL type WN type WG type wave washer: WG type washer is open type elastic gasket, it can usually be installed in a small space, such as the bearing to apply prestress, reduce the noise of bearing operation, Bearing the operation of the accuracy and stability of the other in the electrical and electronic aspects of a large number of application materials, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy WL-type wave washer: WL-type gasket for the mouth-type elastic washer, it is usually small Space

Such as bearing prestressed to reduce the bearing operation of the noise, improve the operation of the bearing accuracy and Seals stability. Also in the electrical and electronic aspects of a large number of applications. Materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy WN-type wave washers:

WN-type wave washers are multi-layer crest-type elastic type gasket, which compared with the WL type, because the composition of the multi-layer material, so the same compression stroke K-value curve than the WL-type gentle, suitable for greater elasticity, and entire

Work stroke elastic release and requires more uniform circumstances. Materials used are carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, etc.

Disc spring washer

DIN6796 disc spring washers (HDS series) are designed for bolt and screw connection of the lock washers. It is designed and manufactured according to DIN 6796 for medium or high strength bolts and screw connections. The support load is large and the elastic recovery makes the HDS series very effective, and the bolt tension can withstand relaxation due to wear, creep, relaxation, thermal expansion, shrinkage, or sealing of the seal. The HDS series increases the elasticity of the screw several times, it can effectively replace the ordinary spring washer, but not suitable for locking washers, flat washer combination. As the HDS series is a pair of disc springs that can be folded or laminated. The combination of the combination Seals can increase the amount of deformation of the disc spring group, the combination of the way can increase the disc spring group spring force. The ideal way to install is to be as flat as possible, the closer to the flattened state, the faster the tension increases, the torque wrench is not needed, and the appropriate bolt tension is obtained.


Internal gear elastic washer, outer ring elastic washer circumference has a lot of sharp elastic teeth, stabbed in the bearing surface, can prevent the fasteners loose. Internal gear Elastic washers are used for headers with smaller head sizes; Seals external gears are mostly used for bolt heads and nuts. The toothed elastic washer is smaller than the size of the ordinary spring washer, the fastener force evenly, to prevent loose and reliable, but not for the often demolition.

The spring washer is used under the nut to prevent nut loosening, as described in the national standard.

Hexagonal slotted nuts are designed for use with bolts with holes at the end of the screw to insert the cotter pin from the groove of the nut into the hole of the screw to prevent the nut from loosening, mainly for applications with vibratory or alternating loads The

The role of spring washers mainly in the mechanical design, production to prevent the nut (or bolt) automatically back loose.

Methods are:

1. Pad spring washer; (easy to do)

2. With hexagonal slotted nut + cotter pin; (increase the processing process year on year)

3. Stamping the washer; (increase the processing step)

4. Hexagon bolts are inserted into the steel wire. (Increase the processing process)

5 fixed effect