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There Are Many Types Of Gaskets
Jul 18, 2017

A leak (usually in the middle) of a thin plate (usually round) is usually used to distribute the load thread fastener, the part between the connector and the nut, which is usually a flat metal ring. Other uses are used as spacing, spring (Belleville gasket, wave washer), wear pad, pre-display device, lock device. Rubber washers are also used in faucets (valves) to cut off flowing liquids or gases. Sealsv Rubber or silicon gaskets can also be used to reduce fan vibration. Usually the outer diameter of the gasket is about twice the inner diameter.

There are many kinds of gaskets, different materials and different types of different applications and installation are different, letter fasteners will now be the role of several gaskets and installation notes introduced to everyone, Seals we must pay attention to see Oh.

Copper flat mat material is generally copper material, Seals mostly used in the larger parts of the pressure, such as the nozzle of the gasket.

There are two uses for it. One is to increase the sealing to prevent oil spills; the second is used to adjust the gap between components. The use of paper pad parts can not be arbitrarily increase or decrease, such as the diesel pump between the side of the pad is used to adjust the fuel time, the gasket thickness of 0.1 mm, the gasket for each 0.1 mm, flywheel oil supply angle corresponding Change 1.7 degrees. Seals The axial clearance between the crankshaft and the crankshaft is also achieved by adjusting the pad between the side cap and the body of the flywheel end. If the damage should be timely replacement, to prevent the occurrence of oil spills.

  Asbestos pad with high temperature characteristics, so the use of its parts are high temperature parts, such as exhaust pipe and cylinder head between these parts can not be replaced by other gaskets.

The role of the flat pad is through the flat pad will be evenly distributed in the pressure of the nut on the pressure, while protecting the bolt thread and the surface of the connector. Seals The general thin metal shell is fixed with metal flat pad.