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Washers Are Used More In The Automotive Industry
Oct 18, 2017

Washers are usually thin pieces of various shapes used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loose or diffuse pressure. This component is used in many materials and structures for the performance of similar functions. The gasket is limited by the material and process of the threaded fasteners, Seals and the supporting surface of the fasteners such as bolts is small, so that the surface of the connecting piece is protected by the compressive stress of the bearing surface, and the washer is adopted. In order to prevent the looseness of the connecting pair, a loose washer and a multi toothed lock washer, a round nut stop washer and a saddle shape, Seals a waveform and a conical elastic washer are used.

Washers are mainly used to reduce pressure, when some parts tighten the axial force is very large, easy to press the gasket into a disc shape, at this time can be used to use materials and improve hardness to solve.

The lock effect of the washer is general, the important part is used or not, and the self-locking structure is adopted. For high-speed tightening (pneumatic or electric) washers, Seals it is best to use the surface phosphating treatment of washers, improve their wear-reducing performance, otherwise easy to rub heat and burn or open mouth, or even damage to the surface of the connector. Gasket structure should not be used for thin-walled joints. According to statistics, washers are used less and fewer in automobiles. The connection tooth shape in the tooth-shaped elastic washer is large and uniform in the automobile industry, and the gap tooth type is less. Seals Consists of two pieces of washers. The outer side is a radial convex surface, and the medial is a helical tooth face. When assembling, the medial oblique tooth surface is opposite, the lateral radial convex surface is in a occlusal state with the contact surfaces of the two ends, and when the connecting parts are vibrated and the bolts are loosened, only two pieces of the inner oblique tooth surface of the washer are allowed to be relatively dislocated, resulting in a lifting tension, thus achieving a locking effect of 100%. The principle of the lock is in line with military standards.

GASKET Specifications Specify the nominal specification (thread diameter) for 3~36mm, large series, hardness rating of 200HV and 300HV, product Grade A-class washers.

Washers conforming to this specification are suitable for clamping soft material parts or large bolts through holes in the workpiece. Seals But the latter should check the applicability of gasket thickness test

The hardness grade of 200HV gasket specification is suitable for the performance grade to 8.8 level, the product Class A and B grade hexagon bolts and screws performance grade to 8 grade, Seals product Grade A and B grade hex nut

Stainless steel and similar chemical components of the hexagonal head bolts, screws and hexagonal nuts surface hardened self-extruding screws.

The hardness Grade 300HV gasket specification is suitable for the performance grade to 10.9 grade, the product grade is a and B grade hex head bolts and screws performance grade to 10 grade. Hexagon nuts with Grade A and b