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Washers Have A Vital Role
Sep 21, 2017

Although the washer is inconspicuous, it is of great importance, the type of washer is many, the size is different, the material differs, and the effect is different.

Rubber pads are made from two materials, a gasket, such as a gasket used in an air filter housing, made of a part of a hermetically sealed air, and a gasket made from oil-resistant materials, such as a rubber pad at both ends of a diesel oil filter. Use should note that oil-resistant rubber pad can replace the oil-resistant rubber pad, Seals and not oil-resistant rubber pad can not replace the use of oil-resistant rubber pad. Long-term use of rubber pads, if found that its hardening loss of elasticity should be replaced in a timely manner, Seals so as not to bring parts wear.

The gasket refers to the part between the connecting piece and the nut, and the sealing ring is a ring cover consisting of one or more parts, Seals fixed on a ring or washer of the bearing and in contact with another set of rings or washers, or a narrow labyrinth gap generally flat-shaped metal ring.

The washer is used to protect the surface of the connected piece from abrasion of the nut and the pressure of the dispersed nut on the connected piece. SEAL ring to prevent oil leakage and external intrusion.

The washer is composed of two pieces of washer, Seals the outer side is a radial convex surface, and the inside is a helical tooth face.

Washer working principle is very simple: it when the assembly, the medial oblique teeth between the opposite side, the lateral radial convex surface is in a occlusal state with the contact surfaces of the two ends, and when the connecting parts are vibrated and the bolts are loosened, only two pieces of the inner oblique tooth surface of the washer are allowed to be relatively dislocated, resulting in a lifting tension, Seals thus achieving a locking effect of 100%. Washers can be applied to all strong vibration environments.

GASKET Features: High safety performance; prevent loosening due to vibration and dynamic load, easy installation and disassembly, Seals locking effect is not affected by lubrication, no matter the preload force has good locking effect, can control the height of preload, has the same temperature characteristic as standard bolt/nut, reusable and so on.