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Water Pump Seal Improves Machine Reliability
Aug 21, 2017

(A) to improve machine efficiency and reduce energy consumption. ① reduce the machine's internal leakage, leakage and leakage, improve the efficiency of the machine volume. For example, the refinery will be coking CYZ-A self-priming centrifugal pump impeller ring to mechanical seal, the pump efficiency increased by 3.6% to 5.6%. ② reduce the friction loss, improve the mechanical efficiency of the machine. For example, Pump Seal the double-end seal to single-end seal, non-balanced type to balance, double support the end of the pump closed one end (so-called behead pump) to reduce the seal can reduce friction losses, Pump Seal improve mechanical efficiency. ③ change the way to improve the efficiency of the machine or unit. For example, the shield pump to use mechanical seal pump, the motor efficiency; the use of magnetic drive pump to improve the efficiency of the machine. ④ change the auxiliary system, Pump Seal reduce energy consumption, improve unit efficiency. For example, the hot oil pump from the rinse to the small impeller cycle flushing; double end seal to single-end seal, saving oil seal auxiliary system energy consumption.

(B) to save raw materials. For example, the process fluid recovery, reduce or eliminate the power steam and process fluid loss, reduce the oil seal loss and so on.

(C) improve the reliability of the machine. For example, Pump Seal the leakage and life of the shaft seal determine the shaft seal and the reliability of the machine.

(Iv) safety and environmental protection. According to a plant survey, 32 of the 786 incidents that occurred were caused by leakage (42%). In addition, Pump Seal process fluid leakage can also cause environmental pollution, including air pollution, water pollution and plant environment pollution.