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Welcome To Asinoseal,our Friends
Jun 27, 2018

Yesterday came a team of customers from Europe,as soon as they arrived at the Pudong Airport ,they drove directly to our factory in Zhangjiagang without taking any break.


This customer puts great emphasis on establishing and promoting its own brand, and they eagerly hope to find long-term partners who has mature production ability to produce non-standard and customized mechanical seal products according to their designs and ideas. Europe is a market that pays great attention to product appearance and quality. The non-standard  mechanical seals increase the process difficulty ,while this just meets the advantages of Asinoseal company. Our unique feature is that we can design, process,produce,mark and pack your pump seal products according to the requirements of customers. We can help you to deliver it to any place you want, plus the main advantages of our company are focused on the design and processing of large-scale more complex products such as agitator mechanical seals, cartridge mechanical seals, welded metal bellow seals and so on., so non-standard customization is our specialty and advantage. Since there have been several cooperations before the factory visits, the negotiations have been going very smoothly. Our customers are also very satisfied with the inspection of our factory's production environment.

Pump seal factory in China.jpg


--- “There will be more cooperation projects and opportunities between us”,that’s what our customer said before leaving.


Are you also need support to expand your brand with your own design non-standard customized mechanical seals ? Tell us and let’s work together!