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What Are The Auxiliary Facilities For Mechanical Seals?
Jan 06, 2017

Mechanical seal of the auxiliary facilities is the collective name of many components. By the filter, hydrocyclone, limiting orifice plate, cooler, pressure tank, pressurized tank, a variety of monitoring instruments, mechanical seals and pipe fittings and other components. Practical work, can be one or several, selected according to specific conditions. By flushing, cooling, filtration and separation methods to achieve the mechanical seal lubrication, cooling or temperature, rinse, purify, dilute and flush the leakage medium, to improve the working environment of the seal. The primary mode of operation of all ancillary facilities is flushing. The so-called flushing is to seal the fluid into the sealed cavity, the completion of lubrication, cooling, purification and other mechanical seal function, the adverse environment to change the seal can accept the working environment. There are many types of flushing, according to different flushing and sealing fluid can be divided into self-flushing, circulating flushing and injection flushing. Self-flushing is the pressure generated by the pump itself or the pressure within the sealed chamber pumping device, the sealed medium through the sealed chamber to form a closed loop to achieve the flushing cycle is generated by the pressure difference between the facilities (such as pumping ring And so on) so that the external sealing fluid (known as isolation liquid) to achieve the purpose of flushing; injection flushing is sealed media should not be sealed fluid from the external injection of another liquid into the sealed cavity to improve the sealing working conditions Of a method.