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What Should We Take Care When Assembling Mechanical Seals?
Mar 16, 2018

What should we take care when assembling mechanical seals?

Here we ask our professional mechanical seal engineer who is responsible to assemble big agitator seal and cartridge seal in Asinoseal to answer!

What are the assembly requirements for mechanical seals during installation of mechanical equipment?

1. Mechanical seal parts should not be damaged or distorted; The sealing surface must not have cracks, scratches and other defects.

2. In the process of assembly, the parts should be kept clean and no corrosion; The main shaft sealing device, static ring end face and sealing ring surface, should have no foreign body, dust.

The compression amount of mechanical seal shall conform to the requirements of equipment technical documents.

4. After assembly, the rotor should rotate flexibly.

5. No continuous relative rotation shall occur between the moving, stationary ring and the corresponding components, and no leakage shall occur.

6. Mechanical seal flushing and sealing system should be kept clean .

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