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Application Of Metal Bellows Mechanical Seal
Jan 06, 2017

Mechanical seals in the pump and the stirring tank and other rotating devices like a wide range of applications. Conventional spring-type mechanical seal due to the simple structure, cheap, easy to use, the basic sweep of -15 ~ 150 ℃ under the conditions of use; if the material allowed to be cooled, between 150 ~ 200 ℃, can also use the spring Mechanical seal; and bellows mechanical seal in 200 ℃ above or - 50 ℃ the following areas are widely used. The reason is that, in the high (low) temperature conditions, spring-type mechanical seal auxiliary seal will appear to fail, such as rubber material auxiliary seal will occur at high temperatures aging, brittle fracture at low temperatures; Fluorine ethylene secondary sealing ring at high temperature heat deformation occurs at low temperature cold flow, so the extreme temperature of metal bellows mechanical seal had to be used. In fact, the metal bellows mechanical seal without auxiliary dynamic seals, relative to the spring-type mechanical seal to reduce the leakage point, reliability significantly improved, as the shaft seal obvious advantages. However, the manufacturing cost of bellows mechanical seal is relatively high, the impact of economic factors, the application of metal bellows mechanical seal is limited to high temperature or low temperature working conditions, not fully play the advantages of high reliability.