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Customer Comes
May 03, 2018

A Busy season comes, today we got korean customer comes!


Our driver and sales man start from 06:40 from zhangjiagang to shanghai Pudong Airport to pick up our customer,till 15:30 finally we reached to our factory,it seem to be the very first time our customer come to China,we hope it could be the most meaningful visit with the help of our simultaneous interpretation.


We warmly showed our customer around our factory,warehouse and office,he is very satisfied with our facilities,quality control and working environment,and mostly importantly,this customer has very strict requirement on mechanical seal design ability,we are required to make exact mechanical seals according to their companys drawing and standard.While thats what we are focused on!Our engineer manager joined in this meeting too,to help our customer to know more about our design ability. Hopefully we could have more future orders on it!


Heres a show of the meeting,see how concentrated they are,it has to be a fruitful meeting.


Before meeting and after meeting~~~

mechanical seal business.jpg