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Maintenance Of Pump Mechanical Seals
Mar 17, 2018

Maintenance of pump mechanical seals

The leakage points of mechanical seals for pumps are mainly five: 

[1]  sealing between bushings and shafts;

(2) The seal between the shaft and the shaft sleeve;

(3) sealing between rotary face and shaft sleeve;

(4) The seal between rotary face and stationary seat;

(5) The sealing between mechanical seal gland and pump bodyl. In general, the shaft sleeve extension of the axle between the seal end cover and pump body leakage is more easily found and resolved, but need to observe carefully, especially when the working medium is liquefied gas or high-pressure, toxic harmful gases, relatively difficult. The rest of the leakage intuitively difficult to identify and judge, in the long-term management, maintenance practice on the basis of the leakage symptoms of observation, analysis, research, in order to come to a correct conclusion.

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