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Mechanical Seal Installation
Jan 06, 2017

Seal refers to the machinery and equipment in normal work, in order to avoid outside dust, impurity mechanical seal into the body and to avoid the body of the media leaks to the outside world and play a barrier, sealing effect of the components. Many types of seals for the type of static seals are mostly non-metallic, semi-metallic or metal gasket or gasket, such as rubber gaskets, folder metal mesh asbestos flat gasket, plain copper washers; For touch-type dynamic seal of the seal, commonly used felt, gland packing, O-ring and V-type (Y-type, u-type) seals and so on. Non-touch-type dynamic seal often use annular gap seal, bending (labyrinth) seal.

Before installing the seal, first of all should be familiar with the location of the seal in the installation diagram of the orientation, mechanical seal type structure, installation sequence, and then check the seal to install the appearance of processing quality and cooperation with each other and check for cracks, scratches , Deformation, damage and other scenes for the smooth installation to create the conditions.