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Mixer Seal Installation
Jul 18, 2017

The stirrer seal should be noted

1, the assembly to be clean and clean, stirrer sealed parts, the machine parts, tools, lubricants, wipe the material to be clean. The sealing end of the ring is wiped with a soft gauze.

2, repair chamfer, round; shaft, sealed cover and other chamfer, round to repair smooth, shaft and end of the cylindrical surface to polish Sassafras bright.

3, the installation of dynamic ring and static ring, the auxiliary seal on the surface of different materials, lubricating oil, reduce friction, so as not to damage the ring, Agitator Seals the static ring of the sealing surface and auxiliary seal.

The structure of the agitator seal is different and the assembly method is also different. However, almost all of the agitator seals should be carried out in both preloaded and assembled steps.

1, pre-installed: the parts are assembled into transmission components and static components. The dynamic ring ring is fitted with moving ring inner hole to form dynamic ring assembly. Agitator Seals In the spring seat has been installed on the spring and push the ring, the drive screw into the push ring, adjust the spring pre-compression compressor, composed of compensation buffer mechanism. Align the pin into the compensating buffer mechanism to form the drive assembly.

The static ring seal on the static ring, installed static ring sealed room, Agitator Seals evenly to the pressure cover, composed of static components.

2, the assembly: the drive components and static components mounted shaft and sealed cavity, complete the pump mixer seal assembly. With the depth of the vernier caliper measurement of the dynamic ring seal to the end of the sealing cavity and the distance from the end of the sealed ring to the end of the end of the distance. Compared with the actual pressure of the mixing device is the pressure, Agitator Seals in the actual work can be appropriately adjusted the size of the pressure The