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Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals
Mar 16, 2018

1. The mechanical seal seal, domestic or imported,is there big difference in price?

For mechanical seal price, the domestic and imported, have different price, and sometimes, the gap is very big. Is often the case, however, must be imported brand seals, higher in price. However, we should choose what kind of, depends on the actual situation and specific requirements, determined by the two.

2. What affects the mechanical seals price?

Which factors affects mechanical seal price?There’s a lot, such as material type, size, quantity,mechanical seal structure and etc...which lead to mechanical seal price, sometimes big gap, from a few dollars to several hundred dollars..

3. How to caculate mechanical seal price?

Mechanical Seal price, for the unit price, in general, firstly raw material price , and then, plus labor, electricity, as well as products such as burrs and defective rate. After that, is the profit .

The working conditions of rubber mechanical seals, generally speaking, include temperature, pressure and media. In temperature, the working temperature range is different for different rubber types. So we need to be specific. In pressure, if it is low and medium pressure, there is no problem using rubber or polyurethane. But notice the seal. As for the medium, it is mainly on some small problems, such as specific application industry and medium type, and nothing else.

For rubber seals, these two aspects above, is very important and basic, therefore, we should be taken seriously and, in order to master in time, to do a good job in the two aspects of the actual choose the suitable rubber seals, and guarantee its service life, so as to promote its use effect

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