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What Are The Common Mistakes For Pump Mechanical Seal Maintenance
Mar 30, 2018

1. The more the spring is compressed, the better the sealing effect is. In fact, if the spring compression is too large,it can lead to a sharp wear and tear, instantaneous burning loss, excessive compression of the spring will lead to disability of spring to adjust the rotary face of mechanical seal,resulting in sealing failure.

2. The tighter the rotary face o ring is, the better. In fact, it will be worse if the rotary face o ring is too tight to the shaft sleeve.Why?

One is to increase the wear and tear between the rotWhat are the common mistakes we have for pump mechanical seal maintenanceary face o ring and sleeve, which will lead to leakage too early, the second is to increase resistance  of the axial adjustment of the rotary ring, in the case of frequent changes in the working conditions it can not be adjusted in time; the third is the spring excessive fatigue is easy to damage, four is to make the rotary o ring get deformed which will affect sealing effect.

3.The tighter the stationary o ring,the better. Static ring seals are basically stationary, if tighter,normally good, but if too tight,it will be harmful too..

First, the stationary seat o ring will get deformed an affect sealing.; the other is that the static ring material is mostly carbon graphite, generally more brittle, excessive force is very easy to cause fragmentation; the third is that it’s difficult to install and disassemble, it is very easy to damage static ring. 

4. Impeller Lock the mother tighter the better. Leakage between shaft and sleeve in mechanical seal leakage is more common. Generally believed that the shaft leakage is the impeller lock mother is not locked tightly, in fact, caused by the leakage of the shaft between many factors, such as the shaft between the failure of the pad, offset, the shaft between the impurities, shaft and sleeve with a larger shape and position error, contact surface damage, the axis of the parts between the gap between the axis of the thread too long, etc.

Lock mother locking too much will lead to premature failure of the shaft pad, the opposite of the appropriate lock mother, so that the shaft pad always maintain a certain compression elasticity, in the operation of the lock mother will automatically timely locking, so that the shaft is always in a good sealing state.

5. The new is better than the old. Relatively speaking, the use of new mechanical seals better than the old, but the new mechanical seal quality or material selection is improper, with large size error will affect the sealing effect, in the polymerization and permeable medium, the static ring if no excessive wear, or do not replace as well.

Because the static ring in the static ring in the stationary state for a long time, so that the polymer and impurities deposition as a whole, played a better sealing role.

6. It's better to dismantle than not to dismantle. Once there is a mechanical seal leakage is eager to dismantle, in fact, sometimes the seal is not damaged, simply adjust the operating conditions or properly adjust the seal can eliminate leakage. This will not only avoid waste but also can verify their own fault judgment ability, accumulated maintenance experience to improve maintenance

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