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What Is Cartridge Mechanical Seal
May 07, 2018

Regarding cartridge seal,the rotating and stationary parts of the seal are pre-assembled into a single unit before installation. After being inspected and pressure tested, they are set on the inner shaft of the shaft seal box, fixed on the shaft with set screws, tighten the cap bolt, and remove the assembly. Positioning sheet, mechanical seal can be in parallel working state, put into operation. This not only facilitates assembly but also guarantees assembly quality. Welded metal bellows mechanical seals are made as cartridge seals, which have the above advantages. The cartridge seal is also a cartridge type mechanical seal. This sealed stationary seat, rotary face, bushing and gland and auxiliary seal are assembled together with a bushing prior to installation for easy inspection of assembly quality. After inspection, just tighten the seal cover and tighten the screws. This pre-assembled, inspected and tested sealing assembly makes it easy to ensure installation and assembly quality. This cartridge seal has the following characteristics:

cartridge seal .jpg

(1) It is not necessary to measure the working length of the seal during installation;

(2) The axis can be adjusted at any time;

(3) Leakage at start-up does not occur because the seal has been pre-tested;

(4) When installing, just set the tightly sealed cover bolts to ensure the assembly quality;

(5) Protect the sealing surface from contamination by miscellaneous items or damage due to operational errors before installation or start-up;

(6) Machines and equipment can be readjusted after thermal expansion;

(7) Self-centering with cooperation;

(8) It is easy to remove the seal for cleaning and inspection without disassembling the pump equipment. The API682 standard recommends that all mechanical seals use cartridge-type mechanical seals.