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Mar 09, 2018

Asinoseal Mechanical seal products are mainly used in coal, nuclear power plants, petrochemical, refining, urban water supply, shipbuilding, fine chemicals, textile printing and dyeing, automobile, papermaking, food, machinery, and other fields

1. Applied in steel mills

Cold-rolled strip steel prior to further processing, generally for pickling, degreasing, cleaning, etc. To improve the surface cleanliness of the steel strip processing measures. Such measures are usually done in each tank internal solutions. Generally the sinking in the tub inside the liquid is called sink roll roll. Sink roll drowned in the liquid inside, due to the requirements of transmission, its both ends are out of tub, so liquid through the sink roll and tub clearance leakage will inevitably produce. So, we need a pair of mechanical seals to seal the sink roll end face.

(tub: pickling tank (chemical pickling, electrolytic pickling), alkaline cleaning trough (chemical degreasing, electrolytic degreasing), quenching tank, electrolytic cell (electrolytic pickling, electrolytic degreasing) tub.

2. Applied in the ship

Marine pump, usually containing M7N, M3N series mechanical seal. M7N mechanical seal structure is compact, strong interchangeability, static ring USES the floating type, reliable performance, easy installation. M3N mechanical seal with fixed to the model

3. Applied in the power plant

Power plant desulphurization stirring system, usually adopt HR321 mechanical seal, mechanical seal HR321 corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life, and many other advantages, for the stable operation of the power plant provides a reliable guarantee.

4. Applied in pharmaceutical

In the field of pharmaceutical, health coefficient has a high requirement for sealing. In drug reaction kettle, usually containing M481 mechanical seal. M481 mechanical seal structure is: the double end face, container type, arbitrary handedness, back pressure balance. Configuration of the cooling system, external tank.

5. Used in food equipment

In food fermentation reaction kettle, mostly adopt sealed M481 health level. Emulsification machine device, usually equipped with 204 e mechanical seal.